Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 and Counting....dinner for two.

Dinner for two (or maybe 4 if you eat civilized portions, unlike us):

Salad greens and alfalfa sprouts - toss them in olive oil, lemon juice, and salt.

Chop an onion up, it may look too big, but use the whole thing.  Put olive oil in your favorite pan, the one you use to make everything, and let it heat up.  In goes the onion.  Next, take the cilantro that's on the verge of going bad in your fridge, pick out the wilted parts and put it in your tiny food processor, let's call him 'Oscar'. Then throw in 5 cloves of garlic because you like it and it may help mask your questionable cilantro.  Let Oscar chop these guys up, just lightly till they're manageable.  Then, add some grape tomatoes, the ones you usually use in your lunch salads, and some of the cute orange-colored grape tomatoes that you got at the Grove today because you spent an hour at the Farmer's Market this afternoon with your sister while the rest of the world was working because that's what people do in LA.  Blend these with the cilantro and garlic, but keep a close eye:  it's pretty if you can see all the colors.  Don't get too carried away and make soup of it all.  It needs a dash of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.  Let Oscar give it one final spin.  Polenta should be in the cabinet, bought by the roll for $1.99.  You like things that are $1.99.  Unleash it from its plastic roll and plop it in the pan on top of the onion that's soft and clear from cooking this whole time.  Mush it with a fork.  It feels kind of good to mush something at the end of a long day.  Once it's warmed through and married to the onions, add your tomato-garlic-cilantro mixture.  Gently combine it so that it's all one dish, but you can still see all its parts.  It will need a little more salt and a little more pepper.  Plate with salad on one side and polenta on the other.  Wish there was beer in the fridge, settle for water with ice or flat lime-flavored Perrier.  Get comfy on the couch because the dining table is still on the patio from the dinner party 3 weeks ago.   Bon apetit!