Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank you, Canada!

Thanks for the love, Friends to the North!

I can't believe it's been a year since the Thanksgiving Family Feast. I am so thrilled that we are still reaching people, especially those trying to figure out what to do for their vegetarian friends and loved ones on such a 'meaty' holiday.

In response to Denise's question (so sorry for the late response!), I use the standard tofu block as a measure in the I Can't Believe It's Not Turkey Tofu Loaf. Generally, that means 15.5 or 16 ounces. In metric terms, that would be 454 grams or just under a half kilogram. Now, I have never been grocery shopping in Canada, so I'm not sure how that translates into shoppable terms, but I hope it helps.

Anyone who can jump in and speak to this, please do. I would love to know more about Canada's Thanksgiving, so please feel free to send some info my way.

Happy Eating!

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