Thursday, December 3, 2009

30 and close is too close?

"Are you purple or blue?"

Silence from behind the shower curtain.

"Bec, purple or blue?" I said with a hint of urgency.

"I'm the one on the right. I've been using whatever one is on the right."

"Right is not a color."

Purple is on the right.  I am feeling more and more sure that I was purple when this whole thing started.  I remember thinking, "Becca's color as a baby was purple.  It's my turn to be purple."

Finally, poking her head out of the shower, she said, "I think I was the blue toothbrush.  But now, I'm on the right.  The right is purple.  I think that means we've switched."

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matchu said...

This is why you buy dissimilar colors. George and I always buy a feminine color and a masculine color. That's right, I'm always "the purple." And by "the purple" I mean "the pink." But really, his is neon green so we're both still a little gay.