Sunday, August 16, 2009

30 and counting.....sad sisters.

There is heartbreak at our house.

Not big, earthshattering, left-at-the-altar, lost-all-our-belongings-in-a-natural-disaster heartbreak. Just garden variety girl-loses-boy-and-is-perplexed-at-why heartbreak. (I do love a good hyphenate.)

It's not mine. I am fine. Still trying to reconcile the big break up hangover from my late 20's, but I suppose that's pretty normal for a single girl at 30 who has had one long-term, post-collegiate relationship. I deleted him from my phone today. Go me.

No, the hurtin' belongs to my baby sister. My beautiful girl. So, to help make sense of it all, we went to see a movie about falling in and out of love. Masochism-lite. 500 Days of Summer. The soundtrack alone was enough to slit one's proverbial wrists by. It was pretty perfect. Sad enough to make you cry, clever enough to make you laugh, true enough to make you think (and cry some more).

To round out the healing (or wallowing. don't judge.), I made us a pizza. Carbo-loading for the marathon of a broken heart. We will live to fight another day. With a wink and a smile.


outlawmom2 said...

poor dear!! Give her a hug from me.

Lace said...

How I WISH I could be there to bring the wine, beer, mojitos, margaritas...or whatever the drink of choice may be to the sisters...and of course to indulge in that fabulous looking pizza...much love...

Kristy said...

How we are of the same sound mind sometimes completely perplexes me (even though I'm 1/2 mexican and youre not)I woke up this morning for no reason and said, why I need to delete "R" from my phone now, don't I? Then randomly read your blog.....weird