Friday, August 14, 2009

30 and counting.....rules to live by.

At my job, I sometimes have to take kids to the bathroom:

"My dad says that if you're having a pee you don't have to wash your hands if you're not going to eat for a while after. If you're having a pee and you are going to eat, then you have to wash your hands.......

If you're having a poo, you have to wash your hands no matter what.

Man, right after I go to the bathroom, I have so much energy.....(Why do you have so much energy after you go to the bathroom?).....Because of all the sitting down. It's so relaxing. Especially if you're having a poo. When I poo it takes, like, ten minutes. But I only poo, like, once a week. Well maybe, like, three times in a week."



Uncle Ted said...

Having a drink while writing this one? TMI, Baby!

outlawmom2 said...

Drink white grape juice if you need a few minutes. It will make you "poo". :-)