Monday, August 10, 2009

30 and counting.....on Meryl Streep.

I used to want to be in movies because I thought I would get to 'live interesting lives.' Utter BFA-in-Drama-cheese, I am aware. But, somehow the notion that my actual life could be interesting escaped me. I assumed, albeit wrongly, that the best way to do something meaningful or see something special was to shoot a film about it on a sound stage in Prague. Not the most direct route between two points, shall we say.

No, no, my life did not suddenly get interesting. There is nothing that I am hiding from you. Let's just say that my desire to exercise/exorcise someone else's story has passed. My life, here I come. Here I am. Here I've always been. And the cliched revelations keep on a'rollin.

Now for the food part: It's kind of a food faux pas. We saw Julie and Julia tonight. Frugal gourmet that I am, I snuck in my own popcorn. There are no microwaves here, so I made it with oil in the pan like my mom always did. Here comes the faux pas - I seasoned it with salt and cayenne pepper........NOT BUTTER. Who goes to see a movie about MtAoFC without butter?

C'est la vie.

The popcorn was good anyway. The movie was great. Seeing it with my sister and one of my west coast best friends made it better. Not to mention the voicemail from my east coast best friend that greeted me after. All in all it was a good night. One might even say an interesting one.

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Lace said...

This East Coast best friend is intrigued by her voicemail she listened to does Nashvegas sound to my West Coast best friend less than one year from now????