Sunday, July 26, 2009

30 and viable eggs

I have become religious about sunscreen. Every lotion I have now carries an SPF rating. I'm even sleeping in it (which may have more to do with my budget than UV protection, but still). I get cranky if I have too much sugar. I need sleep. Lots of it.

My hormones are insane.

Nowdays, the stray baby thought turns into hourlong reveries starring me in a maternity sundress selecting produce and being admired by passersby. "Look at her," they whisper. "She's got that glow!"

It's all feeling a little out of hand. How much time did I spend desperately trying NOT to get pregnant? Now, if the breeze blows the right way, I'll make any schmo my baby-daddy.

Frankly, I'm feeling old.

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sebastian said...

i like that you used the term 'baby-daddy' haha. oh ms. cook.